Email Marketing

email campaigns

Naturing a robust, thriving, email list continues to be one of the most effective organic ways of generating online conversions.  The key is delivering value-added content. This means rather than just promoting your next event or new product; instead, we provide useful, engaging emails that make people’s days better.  We create beautiful emails that keep costumers engaged and wanting more!

Why Send Emails to customers?

There are nearly 6 billion active email addresses around the world today and most people check their inbox more than once per day. If used correctly, email can be an amazing tool to build loyal returning customers and increase direct online conversions. We are here to help you use this effective tool wisely to nurture a happy, loyal, online community.

Our Methodology

Make it easy to subscribe

We make it easy for your customers to subscribe either at POS or your website and automatically segment accordingly.

communicate clear value of subscribing

Why would I want your emails?  We make sure potential subscribers know what to expect and happily sign up.

create consistent Value-Added Email Blasts

By offering engaging editorials, relevant tips, and special deals, customers receive clear value for free in every email opened.

Grow an Engaged
Happy Email List

We analyze open and unsubscribe rates on every campaign to be better tailor email campaigns to your customer’s needs.

convert Subscribers to Returning Customers

As we add more and more value, subscribers become loyal customers delivering sustainable longterm ROI.