Local Marketing
for Small Business

We are a Santa Cruz Based marketing agency that helps grows your business the authentic way.  Let us manage your online marketing for you!

"Authentic Approach has done a tremendous job in working closely with my restaurant's vision and goals. Their professionalism, follow up, and attention to detail are exceptional, thus helping us create the brand and reputation we seek!"


Posting to social media consistently, updating your website, creating compelling content, and engaging with new potential customers online all takes your valuable time away from what really matters – You running your business.

We can work with your budget to form a customized online marketing strategy to grow your customer base!

Social Media Management

We will manage all your social media posting and outwardly engage with customers to build a loyal community.

Website Design

We can clarify your message, simplify your branding, and make your business look good on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Pro Photo + Video

We can develop and capture content that creates interest and connects you to your next customer.

Email Marketing

We can help maximize ROI by creating value-added, engaging email blasts that elevate your brand.

A team dedicated
to your business

While many agencies approach websites and social media with complex solutions, we simplify the process, make it easy to start, and provide a clear path to success that directly impacts your business.

We Simplify
the Process

Every action we take directly relates to achieving your business goals. We make it simple for you to understand what we are doing for your business and more importantly why we are doing it!

We Always
add value

How can we add more value to your business? That is what we are about.  We run everything we do through a lens of creating value. What matters is how much our work actually benefits your business.

& Clarity

We love what we do and can honestly say we care more about making your business successful than making money. Seeing you succeed is what adds value to our work personally.

We focus on
meaningful growth

So much of what we see on social media is fake (known as vanity metrics).  We put in the hard work to grow a real, local, meaningful community for your business.

Ready for Authentic Marketing?

our Mission

We are a local marketing team passionate about small business and believe we can make the world a better place by simply marketing authentically.